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About us

Ninja Pizza is a premium pizza delivery service to your home and office. You will find 17 types of pizzas in our menu: either classic Pepperoni and Margarita, or Tom Yam and pizza with tuna made by a chef.

We have taken the best from every continent: Italian simplicity with its amazing cheeses and high-quality ingredients, American filling with an insane amount of mouth-watering ingredients, and our special sauce made of fish broth and turmeric adds Asian flavor.

Why is it so delicious?

We do not use cheap cheese and non-dairy creamer, we choose only high-quality, natural ingredients. We buy Paleti sausages and tomatoes in Italy.

We cook pizza crusts made with four types of Italian flour in ovens at temperatures above 240 degrees, so our pizza does not fall apart, and the sides are always so airy and crispy.
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